Arma3 Exile – How to Connect?

Hello Guys,

in this Quick Guide i will show you how to Connect to our Server. Thats really simple so make youre comfortable and have Fun 🙂


  • First Step: Download the ExileMod
    • Download the First Mod (Not the ServerMod or external Mods)
    • Put in your Arma3 Folder (YOUR-HDD/steam/steamapps/common/Arma3
    • Put the @Exile Folder in there


  • Second Step: Enable ExileMod
    • Start Arma3 and open up the Mod Window from your Arma3 Launcher
    • Disable all other Mods you have and enable only ExileMod
    • Start the Game
    • Connect manual to Server (IP:, Port: 2302)
    • Thats it! 🙂



If u want to make a Team or you just need Users to Play/Talk come on our TS3 Server on ->

If u want to be every Day on the newest News, look on the Website and our Forum, cause than u have allways the newest and correct Informations to be the Best Player 🙂